Goods tracking system

  • Full control over the entire process chain
  • Long-term archival
  • Gapless stock management

The basic prerequisite for goods tracking is the qualified booking of every process. This includes pertinent data such as the storage place, quantity, process, origin and time.

The Högemann goods tracing system is used to record all material movements within a plant. Manual processes such as manual feed or bagged goods can be recorded using a barcode scanner or manually in the system (FIFO).

You can carry out evaluations related either to the storage place or process. Using the process-related evaluation, you can search for the origin or whereabouts of a product via the respective ID. This is represented in a tree structure. You can define the depth of detail in the evaluation.

Long-term archival of the documents is integrated into this search. The archived documents can be called up for any process in PDF format.


The automatic recording of all material
movements allows gapless tracing of goods.


Thanks to the comprehensive evaluation
function, finding each process is extremely quick and easy.


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