• Fully-automatic press process controls for all standard press types
  • Flying load cell change
  • Gapless temperature recording

The press process control by Högemann checks and controls the fully-automatic press process for all standard types of press such as Boas, expanders, double presses and compressors. The “flying” load cell change allows you optimum utilisation of your system without idle times.

The matrices management checks automatically whether the correct matrix has been mounted for the next product. The graphical interface allows you to optimise formulation and line-specific parameters using automatic parameter return.

Gapless protocols or diagrams of performance, power consumption, temperature, flow rate, fluid consumption etc. are not just prepared and archived long-term for reasons of Quality Assurance. In this way you can also determine the operating costs based on the recorded operating hours and tonnage, and plan for maintenance work if applicable.

Naturally, the press process control is seamlessly integrated into the Högemann process control system.


The press processing control gives you a detailed overview and allows a flying load cell change.


The gapless temperature control is just as easy as the determination of operating data due to the comprehensive
records made.


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