• Fully-automatic dosage control
  • Freely-configurable delay check
  • Production planning optimisation using an order list

The Högemann dosage control allows you fully-automatic, asynchronous control of dosing systems, mills and mixers. Control is carried out using production plans and formulation-specific parameters.

During the dosing process, the weighing scales are controlled optimally with the suitable dosing speed and accuracy. Protocols are stored long-term for control or comparison.

It is possible to freely configure the delay check so that the criteria can be parameterised to ingredients, formulation groups and system parts. Should the maximum residual level in the system be exceeded, a warning is issued or the production start is blocked depending on the safety classification.

A comprehensive information system forwards any faults occurring from the PLC control to the operator.

The “Order list”, which adds up stored products and lists extra productions separately, serves to optimise your production plan. You can supplement this list with geographical tour planning with vehicle navigation, so that you can know and plan with the arrival times of your vehicles.


The fully-automatic dosage control guarantees optimum productions processes - and gives you complete control.


Thanks to the special order list, you can optimise your production plan in just a few clicks.


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