• Professional storage control system
  • Automatic acceptance via chip card
  • Integrated gate control
  • Image monitoring / archival

The storage control system for compound feed plants or grain warehouses by Högemann covers your entire storage process. Raw products or harvest grain are automatically conveyed from the receiving hopper or the ship acceptance tank into the target cell.

The integration of the cart scales or the weighing scales available in the routes guarantees precise booking of the raw products into the target cell. The complete acceptance procedure can be controlled from the initial and second weigh-in on the cart scales up to the hopper start, and the conveyance routes can be automatically controlled via chip card.

Sample data records are carried out on request or automatically via the interface to an analysis device. Identification labels with barcodes for retain samples are automatically printed out. The cell filling via barcode scanner and the integration into the tried and tested process control system by Högemann guarantees gapless traceability of goods.

You can also monitor the acceptance procedure via a camera. This makes it possible to detect incorrect operation or processes in good time. The simple archival functions also allow you comprehensive documentation for subsequent queries.


An overview of the entire system: with the storage control, you always have all processes under control.


The integration of this product into the process control system by Högemann guarantees gapless goods traceability.


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