• Optimum system utilisation due to automatic metering cell filling
  • Prevent production downtimes
  • Elevator weight recording

Using the Högemann transferral control, you can regulate transferral of raw material storage cells or raw material boxes into metering cells in a few clicks. The automatic function can be parameterised so that the metering cells can for example be refilled automatically up to the full detector during the night. In this way, resources which are otherwise not used during the night can be optimally utilised. This relieves the strain on your personnel and effectively prevents production downtimes.

With our elevator weight recording system, we offer you a particularly interesting solution in order to guarantee gapless stock management, in particular for the tracing of goods. Here the power consumption of the elevators is measured and used to determine the weight.


Thanks to the automatic metering cell filling, you can utilise your system to its full capacity and prevent production downtimes.


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