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Seamlessly integrate your sampling, the laboratory, the analytical devices and your QM (Quality Management) and LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) into the automation process.

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The foundation and starting point for all fhalcon® modules is always the master data. The most important data for fhalcon® analysis includes:


  • Flexible input
  • Decimal places
  • Unit
  • Minimum, maximum and default value
  • Versioning
  • Can be configured according to the product
    • Acceptance of raw materials
    • Production
    • Sales
  • Frequency counter
    • Product and quality-related
    • Loose / bagged goods
    • Truck or ship

The process-related recording and saving of the qualities and analysis parameters gives you 100% process and product control and guarantees consistent product quality.

  • Event-controlled querying of the parameters
  • Automatic saving of the parameters through the connection of analytical devices (interface option)
  • Validity check and process control
  • Notification or malfunction in the event of any deviations
  • Check of the minimum and maximum values during inputting
  • Default value recommendations
  • Event-controlled printing of identification labels
  • Number of labels
    • Product-related
    • Person-related
    • Process-related
  • Printing and archiving of the parameters
  • Adjusted entry booking with the help of quality values
  • Notification and additional printouts when frequency counter is reached

All processes are logged and archived. Our statistics module allows you to review and evaluate all processes and movements.

Evaluation options:

  • Incoming qualities and analysis values
    • Person-related
    • Product-related
    • Process-related
  • Production qualities and analysis values
    • Process-related
    • Product-related

Statistics functions:

  • Flexibly configurable
  • Filter within lists
  • Group within lists
  • Sort within lists
  • Display or hide columns
  • Adjust the width and order of the columns
  • Totals and subtotals
  • User and workstation-related, freely configurable list layouts
  • Direct export to Excel or other formats
  • Print


Transponder card-guided sampling with notification by the truck driver.

  • Notification in control room when logging onto the transponder card reader
  • Automatic opening of the camera image in the sampling dialogue (camera integration option)
  • Approval or notification after sampling
  • Supports a wide range of different types of transponder cards and readers
    • Contactless
    • Entry card reader
    • Card dispenser
    • Desktop device
  • TCP / IP protocol or comparable
  • Check to see whether a valid process exists

Access control and opening of gates and doors for admission to site, hoppers, loading lanes or driver’s cabs.

  • Triggered via transponder cards (transponder self-service option)
  • Triggered via automatic number plate identification (number plate identification option)
  • Validity check
  • Check to see whether a valid process exists, only approved if the process exists or has been allocated

Action-controlled, process-related display and archiving of camera images.

  • Archiving of camera images
  • Allows for an unattended or driver self-weighing
  • Supports a wide variety of different network cameras
  • Process-related storage and display for the following processes
    • Weighing with cart scales (fhalcon® truck)
    • Truck loading (fhalcon® export)
    • Receiving hopper (fhalcon® import)
    • Driver’s cab for handheld device allocation / handover (fhalcon® export)
    • Tank loading (fhalcon® export)
    • Sampling (fhalcon® analysis)
  • Integration into long-term archives
  • Displays camera images in the software (fhalcon® truck, fhalcon® import, fhalcon® export and fhalcon® visualization)

There is no alternative to NIR spectroscopy in the modern food and feed production or chemical industry. By connecting to our online system Anamenter, you can save time and money and guarantee consistent product quality.

  • Interface software for integrating the Anamenter
  • Input of product-related parameters
  • Import of target values from third-party systems (interface option)
  • The following parameters, for example, are supported
    • Moisture
    • Crude protein
    • Crude fibre
    • Crude fat
    • Crude ash
    • Starch
    • Sugar
    • Phosphorus
  • Regulation and optimisation of parameters in the applicable working areas
  • Logging, archiving and comparing of target and actual values
  • Automatic export to third-party systems (interface option)

Seamless integration into your ERP system or other third-party system.

  • Import of master data such as
    • People
    • Products
    • Qualities
    • Ingredient values
  • Import and export of orders
  • Export of all actual quality values
  • Export of all actual ingredient values
  • Integration of analytical devices such as
    • Laboratory devices for rapid determination
    • NIR devices
    • Scales
    • Determination of number of cases
  • Standardised and / or customer-specific
  • Different forms of communication to third-party systems are supported
    • Online, e.g. through sockets, web services or JSON
    • File-based, e.g. via ASCII, CSV, XML or IDoc
    • Direct exchange via interfaces-databases, for example
  • All data exchanged via interfaces can also be entered or maintained manually by dialogues
  • Export of the data from the archive system with customisable file names (archive option)

No risk of confusion thanks to scanner-supported sample management.

  • A range of different types of scanner can be connected
    • Via the app on Android handheld devices
    • WiFi
    • Cable
    • Radio
  • Printing of identification labels with barcode
  • Supports 1-D or 2-D codes such as
    • EAN codes
    • Data matrix codes
    • QR codes
  • Allocation of unique sample bags
  • Laboratory organisation
    • Establishing the uniqueness of the workplace or laboratory with regard to the examined sample



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