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Maintain an overview of your fleet, any upcoming maintenance and your documentation. With our maintenance software you can save valuable time and reduce downtimes.

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The foundation and starting point for all fhalcon® modules is always the master data. The most important data for fhalcon® maintenance includes:

  • The creation and copying of machines, components and structuring nodes
  • Clear presentation as a tree structure
  • Free assignment, maintenance and allocation of characteristics
  • Addition of links to, for example,
    • Technical documents
    • Component drawings
    • Replacement part lists
    • Websites
  • Full-text search within the master data
  • First delivery is done with templates and master data of all drives from the visualisation (fhalcon® visualization)
  • Comparison of master data
  • Free assignment, maintenance and allocation of maintenance
  • Free assignment, maintenance and allocation of companies and people
  • Parametrisation of the drive-related operating data acquisition for the following data
    • Runtime
    • Process reference (process option)

Master data for identical machines can be maintained with a template. This ensures a simple, quick and effective maintenance of components, characteristics and energy sources.

  • Automatic master data maintenance by inheriting the template for this type of machine
    • Components
    • Characteristics
    • Maintenance
  • Customisation of the machine through modifications to inherited data
  • Template-related maintenance and inheritance of maintenance
  • Template-related allocation of energy sources

Reduce downtimes caused by unforeseeable defects: Preventative and precautionary maintenance helps you to ensure maximum machine availability.

  • Input and maintenance of machine and component-related maintenance
  • Specification of the maintenance due date as a runtime cycle (the actual running time of the machine is logged through the operating data acquisition, maintenance is due after the actual working hours)
  • Specification of the maintenance due date via the ageing cycle (maintenance is due after x days)
  • Display and storage
    • Date that the maintenance was performed
    • Runtime for maintenance performance
    • Runtime until maintenance
    • Days until maintenance
    • Maintenance history
  • Allocation of people or companies to maintenance
  • Positive acknowledgement of maintenance with logging of the date, person and any comments
  • Negative acknowledgement of maintenance (acknowledgement is positive but maintenance task still outstanding)
  • Display of due and soon-to-be due maintenance in the master data tree
  • Extensive filter options and flexible list design to determine what maintenance is due
  • E-mails sent automatically for due maintenance or maintenance or operating data logs (mailing option)

All machine data, components and characteristics, as well as due or acknowledged maintenance can be evaluated, exported or automatically e-mailed with our powerful statistics module.

Evaluation options:

  • Machines
  • Components
  • Due maintenance
  • Maintenance logs
  • Operating data overview
  • Operating data log (process option)
  • Production data (process option and fhalcon® import, production and export)
    • Acceptance
    • Transfer
    • Mixing plant production
    • Pressing plant production
    • Mixing / pressing plant production
    • Loading

Statistics functions:

  • Flexibly configurable
  • Filter, group and sort within lists
  • Display or hide columns
  • Adjust the width and order of the columns
  • Totals and subtotals
  • User / workstation-related, freely configurable list layouts
  • Direct export to Excel or other formats
  • Print


Our process-related logging of machine runtimes takes your system optimisation to a new level.

  • Process-related saving of the running and occupancy times of each drive / each machine
  • Representation and comparison of the actual runtimes and the time that the drive was reserved for a process
  • Process-related evaluation of the drives involved
  • Subsequent analysis of the drives used for a process / lot (fhalcon® import, production and export)
  • Display and filtering of additional process-related values (fhalcon® import, production and export)
  • Subsequent analysis and display on a timeline with switchable filters
    • Process and batch-related
    • Drive-related
    • Step-related
  • Display of process details

Automatic emailing of logs, lists and statistics.

  • Automatic emailing
    • Due maintenance
    • Maintenance logs
    • Operating data logs
  • Integration into the on-site system structure
  • Integration into the on-site email system
  • Sending of emails from the programmes
  • Automated, time-controlled sending of emails with attachments



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