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No need for an operator: fhalcon® export offers a wide range of options, from driver trip planning, to self-loading via a handheld device with site organisation. Do you need help with the implementation of your projects or process optimisation? We will be happy to advise you!

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The foundation and starting point for all fhalcon® modules is always the master data. The most important data for fhalcon® export includes:

 Personal master data:

  • Three-stage address management up to the silo / farm
  • Supplier / Delivery person
  • Carrier

Vehicle master data:

  • Vehicle types
  • Official registration number
  • Weights

Product master data:

  • Components and item master data
  • Item-related raw material qualities
  • Item declarations
  • Density
  • Material flow analysis values
  • Dangerous goods


Packaging master data:

  • Container item master data
  • Bag types
  • Bagging programme
  • Palletising programme

Storage and storage space / cell master data:

  • Technical dimensions, capacity and volumes
  • Minimum stock level
  • Approval for filling / emptying
  • Approval for the respective track / system
  • Follow-up parameters
  • Dosing levels
  • Mixing area for goods tracking and tracing

Transponder master data:

  • Card type (day or permanent)
  • Validity
  • Vehicle allocation
  • Person allocation
  • Language


Other master data:

  • Ships
  • Shipping methods
  • Types of freight
  • Palletising programme

User management:

  • Module-related
  • Can be maintained by the customer
  • Logging
  • Evaluation


How order management works today: You can prevent incorrect information and inputs either via an interface (interface options) or by recording in our system.

  • Inputting and management of orders
    • Incoming loose / bagged goods
    • Purchase contracts
    • Outgoing loose / bagged goods
    • Sales contracts
  • Quick entry of outgoing loose goods
  • Recommendations for farm / silo from previous deliveries
  • Automatic, manual or scanner-supported recording of actual purchasing and / or sales quantities (scan option)
  • Order or process-related weighing
  • Weighed orders disappear from the pool
  • Order tracking
  • Filter and evaluate by person or product
  • Contract booking

Our trip planning simplifies the organisation and utilisation of your loading lanes, bagging plants and big bag stations, regardless of whether you are filling up your warehouse, completing orders or producing on a “just-in-time” basis.

  • Planning for loose loading lanes and truck loading with bagged goods
    • Planning based on the sales orders that are already in the system
    • Rough planning for trucks
      • Multiple trips per truck and day
      • Allocations of orders to trucks
      • Specified time slot
      • Truck capacities from the master data are taken into account
    • Detailed planning for trucks
      • Tank-related quantity planning
      • Tank quantity check
      • Tank volume check
      • Check of the authorised total weight
    • Driver trip planning
      • Triggered by transponder cards (transponder self-service option)
      • Recommendations from roughly planned trips
      • Pre-filtering of orders to plan using personal master data
    • Availability check
    • Display or printing of loading plans
    • Allocation of transponder cards (transponder self-service option)
    • Allocation of handheld devices (handheld loading option)
    • Requests for check weighing (fhalcon® truck)
      • No delivery note with difference x in kg or %
  • Possible modes:
    • Trip counter
    • Each truck
    • Manual selection
      • Process-controlled printing of identification labels for retained samples
      • Connection of samplers / sampling machines
      • Sample checking
      • Pre-freight checks for truck trips
      • Cleaning declaration
  • Planning for bagging systems and big bag stations
    • Planning based on sales orders that are already in the system
    • Compilation as a trip
    • Based on start cell allocation
    • Based on produced lots
    • Based on weight or quantity
    • Automatic position generation

The stock management allows you to maintain an overview of where products are located and stock levels. This guarantees a smooth production process and forms the basis for effective goods tracking and tracing.

  • Stock bookings can be made immediately after the weight has been ascertained
  • Process-controlled cell booking
  • Product-related
  • Storage space-related (e.g. cell, area or space)
  • Group-related (can be defined and configured freely)
  • Storage location and space-related (e.g. halls)
  • Lot-related (bagged goods / piece goods)
  • Component and cell inventories
    • Storage space-related
    • Group-related
    • Storage location or storage space-related
    • Lot-related
  • Movement lists (each booking with reference)
  • Visual inspection and cell cleaning logging with user and flexible warning text
  • Graphic inventory
  • Minimum stock lists

Regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly comprehensive and complicated to fill out manually or on paper. Our goods tracking and tracing module supports you at the push of a button. The search works both forwards and backwards, and from one process to another.

  • Process-related in all directions
  • Lot-related and FiFo (First in First out)
  • Gap-free monitoring of stock movements
  • Adjustable mixing range to take the mixing behaviour / funnel formation of a silo into consideration
  • Address data output for purchases and sales
  • Animal feed sales list directly as Excel file incl. all data required by the relevant authorities
    • Address data (supplier / invoice recipient or dealer / delivery address)
    • Delivery date
    • Quantity delivered
    • Type of feed
    • Composition / Structure
    • Commercial name
    • Item number
    • Process number
    • ID number of the lot (all batches involved)
    • Delivery note number
    • Target animal
    • Maximum usage rate in accordance with the directions for use in %
    • Mixed quantity of the component concerned in kg
    • Mixed proportion of the component concerned in %
    • Mixed proportion, according to the formula, of the component concerned in %
    • Follow-up delivery received on
  • Direct access to documents stored in the long-term archive
  • Display of whether the process that you are looking for has been used or is still in stock
  • Direct search for orders / lots

Checking your inventory regularly helps to ensure that your stock management is up to date and guarantees the traceability of goods. It also helps you to detect any irregularities and possible product loss.

  • Freezing of stock for recalculation later once the inventory has been completed
  • Storage space-related (e.g. cell, area or space)
  • Lot-related (bagged goods / piece goods)
  • Printing of count lists
  • Export of count lists
  • Storage space group-related count lists
  • Checking of issued and returned lists
  • Input of free meters for silos for automatic stock calculation based on the cell dimensions and product bulk density
  • Quick entry as a list
  • Multiple inputs with comparison
  • Checklists for finished products and raw materials with comparison of purchases, the produced quantity and sales, incl. a visualisation of the differences
  • Comparison of inventories
  • Scanner-supported inventory

All processes are logged and archived. Our statistics module allows you to review and evaluate all processes and movements.

Evaluation options:

  • Stored quantities
  • Transferred quantities
  • Removed quantities
  • Stock movements
  • Storage space movements
  • Product movements
  • Process movements

Statistics functions:

  • Flexibly configurable
  • Filter, group and sort within lists
  • Display or hide columns
  • Adjust the width and order of the columns
  • Totals and subtotals
  • User / workstation-related, freely configurable list layouts
  • Direct export to Excel or other formats
  • Print
  • Reprint receipts

Document archiving system for your paperless office. Printed receipts and important logs are automatically saved in the file system.

  • The printed receipts are automatically saved as PDF files
  • All process data is automatically saved as XML files
  • Several storage locations are used
  • Data is saved in a clear, chronological folder structure
  • Re-printing is done from the archive
  • Automatic archiving after modifications have been made to receipts
  • Image archiving (camera integration option)
  • Archiving of external documents (scan option and digitalize shipping documents option)
  • Automatic sending of receipts (mailing option)
  • Archiving with digital signature (digital signature option)
  • Import of archive data for third-party systems (interface option)


Minimise waiting and downtimes of trucks with our fully automatic loading control. It has been be optimised in terms of performance and speed and can be intuitively controlled by the truck driver during the self-loading process.

  • Supports all standard constructions
    • Tilting scales
    • Container cart
    • Filling bunker scales
    • Cart scales with movable trough chain conveyor
    • End-of-line mixer
    • Direct loading with weighing using cart scales (fhalcon® truck)
  • Starts the loading process
    • Transponder-controlled (transponder self-service option)
    • Registration number identification (number plate identification option)
    • Handheld devices (handheld loading option)
    • Driver self-service terminal in loading lane
  • Opening of gates and doors (gate management option)
  • Tank-related archiving of images (camera integration option)
  • Clear display of all approved loading lanes for this workstation
  • Automatic start cell selection based on the product allocation
  • Customer orders / extra manufacturing taken into consideration
  • Automatic follow-up calculation
  • Product-related subsequent loading
  • Automatic follow-up and performance optimisation
  • Automatic further dosing
  • Allocation of cell priorities
  • Various different sortings to optimise the order
  • Start cell selection during the loading
    • Automatic for material shortages
    • Rapid (without follow-up time, if identical routes)
    • Recommendation of cells with identical products
    • Recommendation of cells with alternative products
  • Target quantity adjustment during the loading
  • Display of the current status
  • Tolerance acknowledgement
  • Comprehensive information, notification and alert system
    • System status and malfunctions
  • Pre-bunker filling and transfer of stock
    • Fully automatic target cell search and selection
      • Spacing of the truck tanks
      • Spacing of nozzles
      • Swivel range taken into account
    • Definition of desired containers
    • Target test with automatic product allocation for empty cells
    • Automatic transfer of pre-bunker stock
      • Start via GPS coordinates (fhalcon® dispose)
      • Start via loading time
  • Saving or printing of alibi data
  • Weighing on lanes with truck scales (fhalcon® truck)
  • Printing of or direct emailing (mailing option) of receipts with signature (digital signature option) for each process
    • Flexible layouts
    • Integration of logos or letterheads
    • Person or product-related layouts / printer
  • Printing of delivery notes with declaration
  • Printing of delivery notes
    • Directly after loading
    • At a central point, for example at the delivery note printing station via transponder card identification
    • Automatically after transponder-controlled check weighing (fhalcon® truck)

Seamlessly integrate the manufacturing of bagged goods and filling of big bags into your automation concept.

  • Automatic or push-button start
  • Bagging programme management and transfer to the PLC
  • Palletising programme management and transfer to the PLC
  • Clear display of all approved stations for this workplace
  • Printing of labels, bag attachers with logos, declaration
  • Printing of dangerous goods labels
  • Printing of pallet slips
  • Printing of weighing notes or delivery notes with declarations
    • Flexible layouts
    • Integration of logos or letterheads
    • Person or product-related layouts / printer
  • Automatic stock management
    • Creation of lot accounts with stock
    • Sales entries
    • Dispatch in the form of starting products, pallets and bags
  • Saving or printing of alibi data

Limitless flexibility: mix during the loading.

  • Mixing with moveable scales
  • Addition of liquids
  • Addition of raw materials, such as wheat
  • Mixing in truck tank
  • Mixing in the pre-bunker or transfer container
  • Management of end-of-line mixers
  • Management of manual additions in the loading area

Intelligent loading solutions: Let the truck driver control loading from the cab.

  • Allocation of handheld devices for trip planning
  • Start the trip via the handheld device
  • Display of the camera image (camera integration option)
  • Raise and lower the nozzle
  • Move the trough chain conveyor
  • Display the actual weight
  • Weighing via a handheld device
  • Comprehensive information, notification and alert system
    • System status and malfunctions
  • Delivery note printed when handheld device is returned

Transponder card-controlled driver self-service which allows the truck driver to start and manage processes.

  • Loading can be started via transponder cards
  • Delivery notes can be printed via transponder cards
  • Check to see whether a valid process exists
  • Information display for readers with display screens
  • Opening of gates and doors (gate management option)
  • Control of traffic lights and lights
  • Holding of transponder cards, as long as the process is running (entry card reader and card dispenser)
  • Allocation of day and permanent cards
  • Automatic printing with signature (digital signature option) after second weighing
  • Receipt and label printing
  • Automatic booking
  • Supports a wide range of different types of transponder cards and readers
    • Contactless
    • Entry card reader
    • Card dispenser
    • Desktop device
  • TCP / IP protocol or comparable

The automated registration / identification of vehicles by their number plate makes the recording and identification process easier.

  • Reading out and saving of the read registration number
  • Validity check
  • Supports a wide variety of different camera types
  • Check to see whether the vehicle exists and has been approved
  • Check to see whether a valid process exists
  • Loading is started automatically
  • Opening of gates and doors (gate management option)
  • Suggestion of the read registration number with registration or further processing

Selection and display on numeric or alphanumeric remote displays.

  • Supports a wide range of different types of remote displays
  • Flatscreen as display screen
  • Integration into the relevant process
  • Display of the live data from the processes, such as
    • Registration number
    • Actual quantities
    • Item
    • Tank
  • Action-controlled instructions for the driver, such as
    • Raise nozzle
    • Lower nozzle
  • Changing, time-controlled display of the information
  • Display of the truck order for the loading or unloading sites

Access control and opening of gates and doors for admission to site, hoppers, loading lanes or driver’s cabs.

  • Triggered via transponder cards (transponder self-service option)
  • Triggered via automatic numberplate identification (number plate identification option)
  • Validity check
  • Check to see whether a valid process exists, approved only if the process exists or has been allocated

Action-controlled, process-related display and archiving of camera images.

  • Archiving of camera images
  • Allows for an unattended or driver self-weighing
  • Supports a wide variety of different network cameras
  • Process-related storage and display for the following processes
    • Weighing with cart scales (fhalcon® truck)
    • Truck loading (fhalcon® export)
    • Receiving hopper (fhalcon® import)
    • Driver’s cab for handheld device allocation / handover (fhalcon® export)
    • Tank loading (fhalcon® export)
    • Sampling (fhalcon® analysis)
  • Integration into long-term archives
  • Displays camera images in the software (fhalcon® truck, fhalcon® analysis, fhalcon® export and fhalcon® visualization)

Bring order to the trucks on your site. When the vehicle is registered, it is recorded and sorted into the truck order.

  • Organisation of the order using the registration time
  • Clear display of the vehicles on your site
  • Shift and adjust the order by drag-and-drop
  • Assign loading and unloading points
  • Display vehicles per loading and unloading point
  • Determine and display the average waiting time for the day
  • Determine and display the average loading and unloading time for the day
  • Lead / guide the driver via remote display (remote displays option)

Digital signature for receipts and documents. Print and archive with a signature.

  • Connection of signature pads
  • Display of the documents that need to be signed
  • Automatic scroll function if documents exceed the screen size
  • Validity check
  • Printing of signed receipts
  • Archiving of signed receipts

Automatic emailing of receipts, documents and statistics.

  • Automatic emailing of outgoing goods receipts to the customer and / or end customer after the loading process has been completed
  • Can choose whether documents are sent or printed by e-mail and paper, only e-mail or only paper in the master data
  • Integration into the on-site system structure
  • Integration into the on-site email system
  • Sending of emails from the programmes
  • Automated, time-controlled sending of emails with attachments

Manage your bagged goods just as smoothly as your loose goods. Use our software to process all the movements and processes of your piece goods.

  • Commissioning of piece goods
    • Bag trip-related
    • Sales order-related
  • Transfer or reserve stock in the commission warehouse
  • Removal after sale or truck loading
  • Printing of delivery notes
    • Directly after loading
    • At a central point, for example at the delivery note printing station via transponder cards
    • Automatically after transponder-controlled check weighing (fhalcon® truck)
  • Piece good inventory
  • Storage location and space transfer
  • Locking of an overbooking
  • Stock and validity check
  • Lot-related stocks
  • A range of different types of scanner can be connected
    • Via the app on Android handheld devices
    • WiFi
    • Cable
    • Radio
  • Printing of identification labels with barcode
  • Supports 1-D or 2-D codes such as
    • EAN codes
    • Data matrix codes
    • QR codes

Seamless integration into your ERP system or other third-party system.

  • Import of master data such as
    • People
    • Products
    • Vehicles
    • Packaging master data:
    • Information about dangerous substances / goods
  • Import and export of orders
  • Import and export of trips
  • Export of all receipts
  • Export of all movement data
  • Export of all production data
  • Standardised and / or customer-specific
  • Different forms of communication to third-party systems are supported
    • Online, e.g. through sockets, web services or JSON
    • File-based, e.g. via ASCII, CSV, XML or IDoc
    • Direct exchange via interfaces-databases, for example
  • All data exchanged via interface can also be entered or maintained manually by dialogues
  • Export of the data from the archive system with customisable file names (archive option)



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